Two Wolves - One Body


Logo & Site design.

Wix Website Events & Products.

Email and Email template setup. 

Custom App Development.


The Story

Two Wolves - One Body has been a constantly evolving small business run by a couple in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide, Australia.

After dealing with a chronic illness that took nearly 7 years to recover from, the couple felt a strong desire to share the knowledge they gained about healthy, clean, chemical free living. 

The couple needed a site that could help them share their knowledge, and promote their evolving services. 

Two Wolves - One Body seems to first and foremost, come from the heart. The couple is passionate about what they do, and the services they offer, but they were also aware that a lot of what they offer was a bit 'outside the box'.

They wanted a site that was clean but welcoming, and that presented information clearly and concisely.  

For many of the ceremonies they offered, they found that they were consistently rewriting the same information to send to clients.

The Solution

So these guys needed a website that they could easily update.

The site needed to handle events, products and information. 

They also needed a mailing list, and a way to streamline the efficiency of their communication with clients. 

I created a Wix Website, that handled their events and products, and linked a mailchimp subscription form in for the public to sign up.

To help streamline their communications I created a series of email templates in Zoho so they could quickly send out the repetitive information to their clients. 

Their practice also inspired my to start on the Practitioner Journal. A custom app I am still building that can manage client records in a friendly and efficient way. These two were my test case, and from all reports it has helped cut down on the time they spend on Admin, allowing them to focus on their clients, and doing the wonderful work that they do.


Logo & image design examples for Two Wolves - One Body