Here are some of the projects I've worked on in the past.



This has been a real passion project of mine. The International Association of Kambo Practitioners is a self regulating association of wonderful humans offering a traditional Amazonian medicine called Kambô.


Two Wolves

Two Wolves - One Body, was the brainchild of two fabulous beings. After beating chronic illness using alternative methods having found no relief inside the Allopathic system, these two lovebirds began a business sharing the knowledge they had gained about healthy clean living and, as it happens, Kambô! Sadly their Kambô offerings  were banned by conservative authorities, but their will and desire to reach out has continued. 


Prac Journal


Another project I've been working on, specifically for Kambô practitioners, but with a view to making it flexible enough for other spiritual and alternative health practitioners. The Practitioner Journal provides a secure, easy and accessible way to record client details and treatments, and get client registrations securely over the internet ahead of time.  

Logo Designs

This is my favourite part of the process :) 

Here are a few of the logos and things I've thrown together for clients.