Honestly, how much it will cost - depends entirely on what will be involved. 

I can make quick and cheap solutions, bound together with duct tape, that will solve a problem, or I can create advanced, sleek and shiny solutions that leave you wanting nothing. But before we know which way I'm going to go - we need to have the initial chat.

Initial chats will be at no charge so we can work out WHAT it is that you actually want. Thats the key part - establishing the WHAT - before I work out the HOW. 

In this first meeting I'll try to get to the heart of it, ignoring all the computer stuff, we'll free ourselves up to dream of what you want and not what you think is possible.

From there I can work out HOW we make these dreams come true. 
The the HOW will depend entirely on your budget, and the complexity involved. Do you just need a website? Or do you need a website that handles client interactions, takes orders and makes appointments?

Once I have all these details, I'll disappear into my backyard and research the best approach to make your dreams come true. 

Once I have a plan and an idea I'll present it to you, with a proposed price. So -it could cost you $100, or $2000 depending on what you need and what you are wanting to achieve, but I guarantee, you will always be aware of the price before I go ahead with anything.