The Practitioner Journal


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Software design and build

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.Net Core

Custom App Development.

The Story

This is my own little side project. 

I was inspired to create it after learning about Kambo, and the sort of things Kambo Practitioners do, and record in the course of their practice. 

The Practitioner Journal is my attempt to help make things easier for Kambo providers, but also, eventually, providers of other holistic or alternative treatments.


The Practitioner Journal offers the following features

  • Record keeping for clients and client sessions

  • Automated emailing for booking confirmations, preparation information, and post session followups. 

  • Automated reminders for client follow up contact.

  • A Diary for creating client appointments or group ceremonies.

  • A weekly appointment reminder schedule

  • Annual, Monthly and Weekly Statistics. 

  • Custom treatment types and prices - to keep track of outstanding payments.

  • Database encryption to keep personal details safe and protected

  • and more....

It's a fun little side project that I hope eventually will help holistic and alternative practitioners streamline their record keeping and admin so that they can concentrate on their clients and providing the best experiences possible.