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The Story


The IAKP, or International Association of Kambô practitioners is an association that has grown in membership exponentially over the last few years. 

From being a small volunteer led team and a handful of members, to a volunteer led team with nearly 400 members.
With a focus on ethical, sustainable and safe Kambô use, I can only assume this organisation will only continue to grow in years to come. 

Having grown from such humble beginnings, the IAKP was still utilising administrative methods that worked when it was a small organisation. They had a wordpress site with a basic membership function, a spreadsheet for maintaining membership information, a mailchimp account that was manually being updated, and a facebook forum for members. 

The wordpress website featured a text based - 'find a practitioner' feature, that allowed potential clients to search for members of the IAKP in their area as well as a members only area that allowed current IAKP members to renew their membership, update their listing in the 'find a pracitioner' feature and sign up for the Mailchimp mailing list. 

Although adequate, this system provided some challenges, and the whole process of adding a member to the IAKP had become lengthy and inefficient. 

Resolving problems with membership payments, logging into the site and maintaining current memberships across a spreadsheet, wordpress site and facebook meant that the volunteer team had little time left to devote to planning future projects, or thinking about the future of the organisation, and although the website was maintained with up to date information, it had dated in appearance and was due for a refresh.

The Solution

What was clear to me in approaching this situation was there had to be a way to manage membership information in one place. 

After exploring several options I discovered a wonderful solution called CiviCRM. CiviCRM is open source Consitiuent Relationship Management software, designed for not for profits like the IAKP, this suite of software offered exactly what the IAKP would need. 


Thinking about the continued growth of the IAKP CiviCRM seemed like the perfect fit. When integrated with the wordpress site, CiviCRM could manage membership data, as well as membership fees and renewals. It has the capacity to send newsletters to members, removing the need for mailchimp, and with some custom coding and plugins from Christian Wach I was able to create an enhanced version of the 'find a practitioner' feature that allows the public to search for practitioners on an interactive map. 


When updating the site, it became clear that the beautifully designed logo that was extracted from a painting made for the Association didnt quite blend with the modern site. I spent some time finding ways to keep the beauty of the painting, while at the same time help it blend with the cleaner, sharper lines of a website. 

By updating their existing wordpress site, and incorporating civiCRM - we successfully streamlined the management of member information and membership fees, and with further international growth in mind, the site can easily be translated into multiple languages.

We also expanded on the private members area, adding a forum, members download section and the ability for members to view and renew their memberships, making it an invaluable resource for its members.