Website & solution design, implementation &
software assistance for ethical and conscious creators, facilitators, practitioners, businesses & organisations. 

Fearless & Free

My idea behind Freedom Monkey is to offer technical support and setup for small, ethical organisations, so they can focus on doing the real work, and not get tied down trying to decipher the technical stuff. 


From what I have seen, the people running small, ethical business, holistic practices or arts organisations are often the ones who don’t have the computer expertise, don’t get passionate about it and don’t have a whole lot of money to throw at expensive solutions.

Generally what I see is that people double up on work and using systems that are are under-utilised, awkward or time-consuming.

I'd like to help change that. To help make the boring bits easier, so you can focus on the good bits.

Whether you’re looking for cheap or free options for setting up your emails, ways to manage members, a website or anything else that in that realm, if you’re offering something that is making a positive difference in the world and the people in it  - then I would love to help make your life easier, streamline the way things run and automate the boring bits so you can focus on sharing what you love. 

I'm not an expert, but I am a good listener, and a problem solver. 

What this means is that I don't have one thing that I will offer to everyone who comes to me. 

I'll listen to how you run things, all the applications you currently use and the things you have to do in your business before researching for the right solution. Whether thats a high-end custom build website with all the bells and whistles, or a patchwork quilt of free and affordable applications is up to you and where you're coming from.